Beauty Still Exists in this Fallen World

Please enjoy the following pictures I’ve taken over the years. 🙂

Amidst all the trouble in this world–when it seems like the world is staged for WWIII–it is helpful to take a step back from watching the headlines and simply consider how God takes care of His creation.
Get ready… Be prepared… But don’t spend your time worrying!

A few miles from Lone Pine, CA…
Lies a great exposure of the world-famous ammonoid (Meekoceras sp.) fossil bed.
Also great views of the east side of the Sierra Nevada’s and Mt. Whitney.

Crabs at Laguna Beach, CA:

Flowers and Bees at Cedar Breaks National Monument:

Bryce National Park:

The Grand Canyon:

Zion National Park:

The Lyrebird is an amazing copycat of sounds including camera shutters, car alarms, chainsaws, and of course other bird calls as well….

Butterfly exhibit with 512 Painted Lady Butterflies + caterpillars & chrysalises (and 1 Mourning Cloak Butterfly — has blue spots):

Wildlife Safari:

Botanical Building at Balboa Park, CA:

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