Biblical Entomology

Lessons from the Ants and other Insects

Ants have amazing attributes that scientists are now learning from, and these ant-ributes demonstrate an Intellig-ant Designer.

Scientists have discovered two stomachs for two different purposes.
What creature has these two stomachs?
Watch this quick video to find out a few lessons from the ants. (~3 min)

What Nature’s Lesson Book says about the ant

Consider her ways and be wise… –see Proverbs 6:6-11

A classic presentation by Dr. Gregory Evans (~30 min)

“Many people are just downright lazy. These same people will think of every excuse humanly possible to justify their sin of slothfulness; doing just barely enough to get by has become the dominating factor in their lifestyle. I would like to share with you a very brief lesson that the Lord showed me this past weekend. Sunday I was on my first break at work and I was sitting alone at a picnic table in the outdoors break area for the non-smokers. It’s a great place to get away from all of the noise and crowds of people inside of the large factory where I work. As I was sitting there eating my lunch, I looked over and there was a large cluster of ants devouring some type of food on the ground. It was amazing to see how diligently they were to gather; each of them doing their part. I even saw one of them carrying off a large chunk of food many times larger than himself. As I gazed at this spectacular display of workmanship, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “LOOK TO THE ANT YOU SLUGGARD.” I knew when the Lord spoke this to me that there was a proverb about it. And when I got home I looked it up, it was in Proverbs 6:6. I will read a couple different translations. One of them is; go to the ant you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise. Another one is; take a lesson from the ant you lazybones, learn from their ways and become wise. If all of us, myself included, and you whether you are asleep or whether you’re awake… You see, most people are asleep, they love their sin and they love this world. But, for those of you that are awake and those of you whom the Lord is drawing to awaken you up; if you will look to the ant and consider her ways and see how diligent she… See how these ants they go and they gather, they’re diligent… They go and they keep seeking their food. They will go into buildings, they will go on top of large towers, they will get in through cracks and crevices, they will go wherever they have to go to seek their food. If we will seek the Bread of Life like that, if we will seek JESUS… Remember the Lord rewards those who diligently seek Him. If we will seek Him until we find Him… If we will keep going to Him and not give up no matter what… He will reveal Himself to you… He will speak to you and He will make you brand new, but you must not be lazy. You must not just sit back and be content with what the world has to offer, but you must take that precious time that you value so much…. Many of you out there are watching tv, you’re spending time with all of your favorite hobbies and different interests, but you’re not seeking the Face of the Lord. If you will diligently seek Him first and His righteousness; He will add everything to you. He will speak to you and He will make everything brand new in your life and He will reveal secret things to you. Don’t be a slothful servant; look the ant and consider its ways and become wise. Wisdom comes from Jesus; go to the Lord Jesus. Don’t wait, now is the time to search for the Lord and seek Him until you find Him. May Jesus bless you.” –Anonymous

The Insects Teach Industry
“The industrious bee gives to men of intelligence an example that they would do well to imitate. These insects observe perfect order, and no idler is allowed in the hive. They execute their appointed work with an intelligence and activity that are beyond our comprehension…. The wise man calls our attention to the small things of the earth: “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise; which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.” “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.” We may learn from these little teachers a lesson of faithfulness. Should we improve with the same diligence the faculties which an all-wise Creator has bestowed upon us, how greatly would our capacities for usefulness be increased. God’s eye is upon the smallest of His creatures; does He not, then, regard man formed in His image, and require of him corresponding returns for all the advantages He has given him?”
–Child Guidance p. 59.2

Bees Outsmart Supercomputers

Bees can solve the “traveling salesman problem” for flowers far more efficiently than a supercomputer.

See the story on

Newly Discovered Jumping Beetle Mechanism — Evidence of Intelligent Design

This is the flea beetle’s hind leg catapult mechanism, which allows it to jump 100 times or more its body length (that’s like a human jumping more than half a kilometer) while experiencing up to 266 times the acceleration of gravity (humans usually black out by 9g)! Click the image to learn more!

Fantastic Fireflies

“In a world filled with living wonders, fireflies rank among the most fascinating and unique. These insects are bioluminescent—they produce their own illumination through a complex chemical process that takes place inside of their abdomens. Their bright flashes are patterned to create distinctive codes that attract mates of their own species. A firefly’s spectacular light shows not only demonstrate vivid evidence for intelligent design, they can also kindle a deep sense of reverence and awe for the creative power of God.” (John 10:10 Project)

Incredible Insect Migrations

Every year hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles to a secluded patch of forest in central Mexico. There, they spend the winter to ensure the survival of their species. This perilous journey—made by insects weighing less than an ounce—is one of the great wonders of nature and compelling evidence for design and purpose in the living world.

How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all. ~ Psalm 104:24

The Amazing Globe Skimmer Dragonfly

This little dragonfly can somehow migrate across the open Indian ocean more than 2,500! Only the Creator could have supplied it with the ability to make such a non-stop journey. How does it do it? By taking advantage of favorable wind patterns:

“Our wind trajectory analyses clearly demonstrate that there are both intra- and inter-seasonal differences in favorable wind availability, suggesting that optimal, or even feasible, migration over the Indian Ocean requires the ability to select favorable winds. Indeed, only 15.2% of all simulated migration events in autumn were successful in reaching land, taking approximately 127 h to do so. Dragonfly migration is often reported to be associated with persistent winds, weather fronts and even storms (Corbet, 1962Easton and Liang, 2000Moskowitz et al., 2001Srygley, 2003Ries et al., 2018), and the globe skimmer is referred to as an obligate migrant of the ITCZ winds (Corbet, 2004). Indeed, there are numerous studies on insect migration suggesting that larger migrants (> 10 mg) have the ability to select winds, choosing to migrate in fast high-altitude airstreams, compensate for cross-wind drift, and select winds that will transport them in seasonally favorable directions (Chapman et al., 20082010Stefanescu et al., 2013Wotton et al., 2019Gao et al., 2020b). Compensating for cross-wind drift has been confirmed in the globe skimmer (Srygley, 2003), and it is likely that a species of this size, that is highly adapted for migration, would possess the ability to select winds. The ability and opportunity to select winds would be further increased if the dragonfly has physiological adaptations allowing it to remain airborne in unfavorable conditions, or when wind assistance is lacking. Consequently, investigating the mechanisms used by globe skimmers to select favorable winds for migration represents an interesting future research avenue.”

Hedlund et al. (2021) Unraveling the World’s Longest Non-stop Migration: The Indian Ocean Crossing of the Globe Skimmer Dragonfly.

Incredible Insects Defy Evolution

The extraordinary process of metamorphosis, and the inability of natural selection to account for its origin, are examined in this clip from METAMORPHOSIS: THE BEAUTY AND DESIGN OF BUTTERFLIES. Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open doors once closed to every stage of a butterfly’s hidden life-cycle.

Moth Fossils Pester Insect Evolution

Complex Engineering in Weevils Befuddles Evolution

Glossy Rainbow Weevil

Prolonged Milk Provisioning in a Jumping Spider

OK so not an insect, but close enough…
Mammals obviously produce milk for their young, but spiders????
This is the first report of an invertebrate mother producing milk (or at least a milk-like substance) for her baby spiders, which appears to be necessary for the babies to grow properly and survive well.

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